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Routee is a powerfull marketing communications platform

Developed by AMD Telecom, a world leader in Global Communications and connectivity, standing in fortune 500 since 2000, providing state of the art global connectivity solutions for more than 20 years.

Routee is a CPaaS (communications platform as a service) providing Web & Cloud API services designed to increase conversions, reduce digital marketing costs & automate marketing procedures. All through a user friendly interface which can be integrated to all major ecommerce, websites or CRM suites.


Some major companies benefit by using Routee

Lets find out how

With Routee you can:


Your campaigns will resonate with personal messages. Track every aspect of your campaigns with detailed analytics. Connect with each customer on every channel they use. And your campaigns are always fully GDPR compliant.


Our marketing automation services are optimized for your needs. Create automated marketing campaigns fast and easy with Routee’s web platform, and get your message out more effectively. Once you start using Routee, you’ll fall in love with marketing all over again.


Routee provides you with the tools you need for your business to become fully GDPR or PSD2 compliant and meet the highest security standards. Two-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of security to your business. With voice, sms or email, Routee has what your business needs.

What you could GAIN by using our intelligent marketing platform:

Direct Increase in Sales​

by being able to reach out more effectivelly towards your customers

Less Abandoned Carts

by using smart triggers towards people who have abandoned their cart

Higher Conversion Rates

by delivering higher quality, personalised content

More Effective Communication

by utilising the power of data analysis to truly reach your audience

Our services in a nutshell

And there is more

Routee is a true Omni-Channeled Communications sollution

Routee, unlike other platforms offers  communication through all major channels, all within a single integration. In addition, Routee offers a wide array of communication services ranging from improvements to customer experience to mandatory security features like PSD2 compliance.

And theres more...

In addition, Routee offers a set of additional features and tools to make your life easier
save you time and resources and automate your business procedures.
All through Routee’s powerful extension WayMore.

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Designed with you in mind

We have built Waymore to tackle modern business needs in order to stay competitive. Within a simple, yet flexible interface, Waymore seamlessly provides your company with the all tools and insights you need to stand out and grow.

Group 180

Waymore Feature:

Advanced Customer Insights

Track the entire
journey of your customers
and dynamically segment
their preferences.

Learn the story behind the customer. Track every action and create automated workflows. Our intelligent fallback options make sure your messages get through to every customer, on every channel.

Waymore Feature:

Waymore forms

Waymore provides you with a fully featured form builder. The form builder uses a drag and drop editor that can create and host forms online in a matter of minutes. The data received from the form submissions is handled by Waymore API, providing maximum flexibility. Examples of the usage of the forms range from product surveys for your customers to automated appointment scheduling or internal company procedures management.

Waymore Feature:

Automated Workflows

Create powerful communication funnels based on your segmented data or automate your marketing procedures without typing a single line of code.

Now your workflows are easier than ever to create. Drag & drop elements and let our intelligent platform work out the code for you. From automated responses to multi- channeled communication fallbacks our workflow builder has got you covered.

Waymore Feature:

Rich data visualisations

Grasp the opportunity at a single glance. Waymore offers full data visualisation . This allows you to better personalise your service or understand how every aspect of your business is performing. Advanced waymore algorithms are able to find patterns in customer behaviour or even predict future demand rates.

Multichannel Reach with

Advanced API capabilities.

Universal coverage

Reach 211 countries & territories worldwide with the use of a single API.


Leverage the power of 700+ direct connections and rely on a seamless global reach. Routee’s parent company, AMD, one of the largest SMS HUBs globally.

Intelligent Routing 

Use the most optimal and short path for every message delivery, comparing real time all available routes on our carrier network grid. Eliminate latency and keep your costs in place.

99.996% API uptime 

Integrate your CRM/ERP or any other channel management tool in hours with simple and straightforward API documentation. 

Waymore integration is easy

Waymore offers a set of plugins for all the major CMS platforms. By installing the plugin to your CMS you can get started within minutes. On top of that our team supports even custom solutions.

Thank you!
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